The Art of Upselling and How it Increases Sales

by Britt S. Phillips

Once you have product to sell and it is selling very well, why stop there? Despite the enormous profit potential of upselling, millions have no idea just how much money they are turning away with every initial sale.

Upselling is so easy and requires little to no extra work on your part than what is done at the time you sold your customer a service, product, or item in the first place. People either don't know about upselling, or they do and are under the false impression it requires lots of additional work from them.

When you see an infomercial on TV that sells a product, did you ever notice they almost always mention the fact that you can get an addtional discount if you buy more than one item? Often the announcer will say... "makes a great gift" or "buy for the home and another for..." etc. This is the classic upsell.

There is another version of the upsell which is also known as "back end" sales. All you do is offer your customers additional items or services at the same time you are filling their original order. It's so simple to include a cover letter thanking the customer for their order. The cover letter is an excellent opportunity to tie the upsell to the "thank you" and actually increase sales!

Here's an example of just how it works and how you can do the same thing! Thanks for your order, we really appreciate it. Right now we are making a very special offer to those who have already placed an order with us.

You can pick up a widget today at a much lower price than anyone else by using the enclosed coupon. This is our way of again saying thanks for your order!

See, that was not hard at all. By the way, this is a never ending process, if that customer orders a second, third, or even twenty times, you will always include specials and offers to give them an opportunity to place an order!

Normally the upsell works best when the offer you make is something very similar to the original item, or service the customer first got interested in and purchased. This can be an advanced service or even the same item if you have made changes to improve upon the performance.

There is still another way to make an incredible fortune with the upsell, and it's my personal favorite. Pick a service or product that everyone would want or need. You will have to spend some time to develop this one, but once you locate the right product or service, you are home free and assured success! I will use the product / service I use every day to earn an incredible income as a great example for you to follow.

I picked it because I already know that no matter what the original reason my customer contacted me, I will not only get an order for that product or service, I also have a better than 90% chance to also sell them through the upsell as well. By the way my upsell item brings me an additional $50.00 per order and takes about 5 minutes extra per call to get. It's very simple and soon you will see why.

There are two things everyone on the planet has in common. It does not matter where we are born, what color our skin is, how well off we are etc.

None of that is important and none of it can change this fact either. Even if you don't want to have these two things in common with your worse enemy that's tough, you can't do anything about it, you are stuck with it!

The first thing we all have in common is we like to save money. The second thing we all have in common is we like to make money. Think about it.

With this in mind I developed an upsell product / service that I knew would have the absolute best potential each and every time I offerred it to a client.

The product / service I use is a wholesale savings membership. It's a way for anyone to purchase a membership for the less than a dollar a week. The membership saves everyone using it up to 90% on the same well known, name brand items they already are used to buying. They can get the same items in the same packaging direct from the manufacturers and cut out the middle man, namely the retail stores!

The original warranties are also still fully in effect and all items are new. For a much more detailed description, go to to read much more about it and how it works. You can also become one of our resellers and easily make this same offer to your clients as your upsell product / service.

So you see, it doesn't matter if the original order was for web design, CD duplication, logo creation, marketing packages, check acceptance software etc. (by the way I just showed you another way to upsell) after the order has been taken I will always say something like...

"Mary I really have enjoyed talking with you today and your order is really appreciated. Can I ask you one more question, how would you like to save you and your family up to 90% below the regular prices you are already paying now? If I could show you how you could start paying up to 90% in as few as two days from now, would you be interested?"

What kind of response do you think I get to that question? If you said an incredible one you are right! In fact nine out of every ten people who had called to place an order for one item, likes the wholesale savings membership program so much, they buy one or more of the memberships on the spot! I am giving people what they want to buy and that is one secret very few people will ever allow themselves the benefit of understanding.

By the way, I have four packages I sell on CD. One of the biggest reasons I moved from disk to CD was so I would have plenty of room to include along with the original order, all my upsells. Imagine getting a CD from me and also seeing great deals on over 75 other items, services, products etc.

I will leave it up to you to do the math and figure the income this brings on a very steady and consistent basis. One of the most common things I hear all day long from tons of people is... "Hi Britt, I bought _____ from you on CD . I noticed you also had something on the CD about ______ and would like to order these items." All I do is ask how they want to pay, they have already been sold during the upsell process directly from the CD.

Now multiply this times thousands of people and you begin to see you need to get busy with upsell offers of your own! Take a serious look at the things you sell and ask yourself what you can do greatly increase the amount of each sale by upselling. Please share this with a friend to help them also.

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