Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Online magazine covering end-to-end supply and demand chain, providing original intelligence and actionable information to executives and management professionals Valuable supply chain management information source on the web today.
Supply-Chain Council Association representing a broad cross section of industries, including manufacturers, services, distributors, and retailers.
Supply Chain Today

The one stop source for the supply chain professional. Delivering current and accurate information to the business community.

Supply Chain Management Review An executive-level publication dedicated to the art and science of moving goods to market.
Supply Chain Systems Magazine Monthly online magazine with articles related to supply chain management.
Articles Index: Logistics/ Supply Chain From
"Does Supply Chain Optimization Matter?" .pdf file from the Manusync web site (a consulting firm).
"Synchonize the Supply Chain" Another .pdf file (slide presentation) from Manusync.
Supply Chain Online Offers online courses for supply chain management education and training and a personalized certificate of completion, available to both individuals and corporations.

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